Quantitative Research

Designed to assess buyer attitudes and behaviors, this information can be used for market sizing, market segmentation, and uncovering “drivers” for brand and product preference.


Qualitative Research

Used as an exploratory and developmental market research method, our professionally trained associates will conduct focus groups, in–depth interviews, online bulletin boards, and one–on–one interviews.

Brand Positioning

Helps organizations determine and develop a brand name or image that is easy to recognize and stands out from the competition.

Product Feature Optimization

Seeks out how much value consumers place on features of a product or service offering. Unlike other quantitative techniques, a conjoint analysis does not ask consumers to self-report the importance of features.

Package Testing

Designed to help companies optimize their return when developing new packaging for products.


Text Analysis

Uses software to turn unstructured text variables into quantitative data. Trained analysts review codes for context, knowing even Watson may have difficulty understanding the latest slang.

Data Processing

Includes putting data, whether structured or unstructured, into a standardized format to aide in statistical analysis.



Converts audio and video formats into a standardized format for easier reporting purposes.

Report Development

Helps make your data more consumable for your stakeholders with charts, graphs and other visualizations.