Measuring True Value of a Controlled Circulation Publication

by | May 1, 2013 | Marketing Research

Unlike broadcast, newspaper or other media, controlled circulation publications provide specific information resources to assist those working in various industries such as medicine, electronics, IT, agriculture, education and many more. The publications also provide advertisers a way to reach targeted buyers of products and services tied to specific industries.

Controlled publications need to portray not just audience reach and cume, but also reader behavior regarding publication usefulness, preference and investment value. A controlled publication may exhibit high audience levels of those “reading or looking into”, but this needs to be accompanied by other measures for advertisers to make the most appropriate media selection/investments for their schedules.

Advertisers should be asking controlled publications for more information on:

    • Content Performance
    • Reader Exposure (IREX Index)
    • Reader Satisfaction and Preference
    • Audience Exclusivity
    • Audience Asset, Equity and Investment Indices

Without these additional actionable measurements, basic reading audience estimates reveal only partial information required to make strategic investment decisions. Advertisers’ customers may read or look into multiple publications, but may prefer only a few (or one) to review product and service specifications and make purchasing decisions.